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Family Files - Print Format

The following surnames are found within the family files. The size may be anywhere from a single sheet to an outline descendant tree of many generations to a bound book. Those which have a book are marked with an asterisk (*).

Abernethy Ackerman Aikens
Akey/Boyle Ames Allan/Allen
Anderson/Kieman Archer Armstrong
Arnold Atkinson Ayrhart
Barker Barnum Barron
Barton Beattie Beaudoin/Marks
Bedford Bell/Alderdice Bennett
Benor Blake Bonnycastle (2)
Bothwell Boucher Boyd
Brahaney Breault Brooks
Brown Brunton Buchanan
Buller Burns Cairns
Campbell (2) Carnrike Carr
Caskey Cassan Clark
Cleugh Cochrane Cock
Cockburn Colville Connelly
Connor Cook Coon
Couch Covert Craighead
Crothers Cumming Cummings
Curle Currie Dafoe*
Darrah Denyes Dinwoodie
Donald Dorie Douglas
Doxsee Driscoll Dunk*
Dunkley Dunn Eley
Ellard Ellis Elmhirst
Fanning Ferris Finkle
Fisher Forestell Foster
Fraser Frederick/Fralick (2) Free (2)*
Fry Funnell  
Gardner Garneau Garvey
Geary Gator Givson
Glenn/O'Glynn Govan/Givens* Graham
Grills* Haig Hall/Patterson/Ingram
Hardy Hawley Hay/Stewart*
Hoard Hodge Horkins
Herrington Hubble Hume
Hutchinson Ibey Ingram
Irwin Ivey Jacobs*
Jaques Jeffs Johns*
Johnson Keating/Hannigan/Bamber Keenan/Killoran/Gurry
Keir Keller Kelly
Kennedy Kerr King
Kingston LaBrash/Hayward* Lawson
Lee Leeson Levisconte
Lindsley Linn Linton
Lisle Little Little/Wright
Little/Stephens/MacIntosh Locke Long
Loucks* Lowe Lowrey
Lucy MacAlpine (4)* Mack
Macmillan Macoun Mahoney
Malcom Martin Massey
Masson Matheson McArthur
McCook McCulloch McGregor
McGuire/Pirie McInroy McKelvie*
McKenzie Mckeown McMullen
McNaughton McQuoid Melville
Meyers Mikel Milne
Mitchell Monaghan Murphy
Mutton/Mathews Nadoo  
Nealon Nelson Nicholas
Nielson O'Connor Odell
Ogilvie O'Keefe O'Sullivan
Owens Parr Patterson
Peake Peeling Pelesky/Pelky
Petherick* Pettifer Pirie*
Pittman* Platt Ponton
Post Potten-Turner Potts
Rainie Rannie/Cock Rannie/Hume/Mather
Redden* Reid Rendle
Reynolds Robertson Rogers
Rollo Rombough Rooksby
Ross* Rosebush Rowan
Rowe Rowed Rutherford
Salter/Saltern Sanders Sargent
Scriver Seeney Shannon
Sharp(e) Shaw Shillinglaw
Shore Simpson Sloggett
Smith Smyth Soal
Spencer Stanbury* Stephens
Stewart Stillman Stocker
Sweet Taylor Third
Thompson Thomson Tice
Tinney* Todd Tripp
Twigg Tyler  
Van Volkenburgh Varcoe/Hall Vaughn/Rutherford
Waddell Wallace Ward
WAtson Weaver Weese (2)
West White Whitton
Wood Wood/Hawley Wood/Stephens
Woodcock Wright Wynn



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